The latest continuous puls depilation machinery(minimal pain. even depilation, fast results, works on all hair types) Traditional depilation machines did not work on dark skin, peach fuzz, brown hair. and whitehair. With the latest technology, all hair types can be depilated with ease.※For those considering hair removal, The effects of the hair removal can be seen from the 4th use.(Invididual results may very
Traditional depilation machines ●Hair removal approach for growing hair (hair is grown now). ●Each part of the hair growth cycle in the coming together of. ●Average onling two months to once every 3 months. The latest continuous plus depilation machinery ●For Folliculitis(hair all) approach to. ●For a hair follicle target there are no hair period relations. ●Visit once a month (deppending on the 3week ~ can).
● Comparision Before and After

Inquiries and booking Depilation treatments require advance bookings. Please book by telephone or in person at the shop in advance. Before your visit: Please shave the area t