Facial light treatment

Effects of facial light treatment

Principles of light treatment
When we think of light-based skin therapy, we tend to associate it with lasers, which have been a major method into the present. compared to laser-based therapy,  Photo-facial therapy uses a gentler inhtsource, So it is less invasive on the skin.
Drawing on the pro perties of light. this warming treatment has beautifying properties and helps enhance the skin. By applying light the wave length of which has been adjusted to your particular condition. the root causes of various skin trouble can now be directly treated. Different modes and filters can be selected to Customize treatment to redness, skincare, stains, acne, boils, wrinkles, and slackness.

Stain improvement:light Permeates the skin and causes melanin to to reakt subjecting the face to an even light source causes substances to rise darker, but they are fleeting better skin turnover is promoted. with faster skin metabolism causing stains to fall away and be replaced with new skin.
Wrinkles and slackness are caused by a lack of hydration.  Photo-facial light works directly on cellular material, stimulating the production of collagen. You will soon notice that your skin is moist and supple. This causes slackness and small wrinkles to fade.
●Pimple care
Acne becteria are the cause of pimples, and they contain a substance called porphine that is the cause of inflammation. Porpphine is light–reactive: exposing it to light causes acne bacteria to perjsh, there by reducing pimples and acne.